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Each year the Old Timers Baseball Association puts on 4-5 youth clinics. These clinics focus on the fundamentals of baseball taught by some of the best coaches and former players in the Portland area. These clinics are put on through volunteer efforts to make sure local kids have the opportunity to learn from the best.
Attendance at Clinics:
Athletes- Each Clinic hosts approximately 75 to 100 youth athletes, age 8 to 14 years-old.
Coaches- There are normally about 4-6 league coaches at each clinic.
Parents- Parents are also encouraged to watch as the clinics go on so they too understand what they are learning.
Clinic Program:
Fundamentals of hitting- Taught by John Dunn and Ivan Kafoury
Pitching Fundamentals- Taught by Bob Olson and Bob Gray
Infield Play/Fundamentals- Taught by Mike (Milo) Meskel and Bob Yanity
Outfield Fundamentals- Taught by Donnie Nelson and Glen Miller
Bunting Fundamentals- Taught by Donnie Nelson
Base Running Fundamentals- Mike (Milo) Meskel
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