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What We Do

Our Mission Statement is...


The Old Timers Baseball Association of Portland is an active group of all ages that provides mentoring, opportunity, scholarships and equipment to the Oregon amateur baseball community since 1933.



As an Organization we will:


Support the tradition and the love of the game. Over the years, the Old Timers Baseball Association of Portland has provided more than $700,000 for our programs and for communities through the generosity of our donors and sponsors. All of our activities are from volunteer efforts as we have no paid staff.



As an Organization we will:


Participate in clinics, providing a win-win opportunity for retired professional players and coaches to use their considerable experiences to educate the next generation of players and coaches. Helping our youth benefits them, as well as by keeping them healthy, active, and contributing to our communities. 



As an Organization we will:


Serve as "keepers of Oregon Baseball." As we have attracted an all-star roster of people who have played a significant role on a local as well as national level. It allows our group to be a historical resource for schools, libraries, theatre companies and others.



As an Organization we will:


Present the annual winter banquet every January to serve as a venue for baseball enthusiasts, players, coaches, umpires and volunteers to celebrate the past season's accomplishments and look forward to the coming season. At this event, we will also present our scholarships, grants and recognize outstanding individuals and teams for their achievements. 




We are: 


A non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization and we love Baseball!


EIN #46-1971865

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