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Benevento: He'll Be Missed

The passing away of Mr. Richard "Dickey" Benevento on January 14th, 2012 was the same day as the Old-Timers and Active Baseball Association's annual banquet at Multnomah Athletic Club. The death of Dickey Benevento - also called "The Rock" or "Rocky"- came as a shock to those who attended the annual banquet.

Dickey was the son of Richard "Rocky" Benevento, the famous groundskeeper of the old Portland Beavers of Vaughn Street, Multnomah Civic Stadium and PGE Park. The young Benevento was married to Kathleen "Susie" Benevento, a truly gracious and loving wife. They had one son and two daughters who were just fantastic as a grown-up family. Dickey loved his grandchildren who were blessed with the Benevento "family traits" for their athletic backgrounds.

We miss your smiling face and your "get it down now and not later" approach to working with all the in the paper and office furniture businesses (J.K. Gill Company, Peter's Office Supply and Office Products Northwest).

"The Rock" loved baseball, handball, tennis, ice hockey, basketball and football. Dickey grew up near St. Patrick's Church in Northwest Portland, also known as "Slabtown USA."

Dickey can now enjoy the "afterlife" with his dad, "Rocky" Benevento; Johnny Pesky; Stan Bozich; Pete Lulich; Milo Meskel; Tony Pesky; John, Tom and Bill Carney; Johnny Leovich; and Vince and John Javoric. All of these men were baseball players and grew up in Slabtown.

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