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12 Unwritten Rules of Baseball

Recently, President Tee Wise reached out to the President and CEO of Minor League Baseball, Pat O’Conner, to talk about the unwritten rules of baseball. Pat responded to Tee with 12 unwritten rules he thought of off the top of his head and we wanted to share those rules with all of you.

The 12 Unwritten Rules of Baseball:

  1. NEVER talk about a no-hitter.

  2. NEVER talk about how quickly the game is moving along.

  3. If the umpire or catcher gets nicked by a foul ball or pitch…the batter steps out and gives them time to regroup.

  4. Similarly, if the hitter takes a foul ball off the foot/shin…the umpire will dust off the plate or the catcher mulls around to give the hitter time.

  5. Run out home runs. Don’t stand and watch.

  6. Purpose pitches/HBP are to be thrown below the waist. Hit him in the “wallet”.

  7. You hit mine on purpose…I got to hit yours. Then we’re even.

  8. You don’t take equipment into a brawl.

  9. Slide through the bag with cleats down low.

  10. NEVER show up an umpire or opponent.

  11. Cussing is discouraged but can be tolerated when speaking with umpires. The magic word is “you”.

  12. A Big League rookie’s first home run gets the silent treatment when he returns to the dugout.

We are so appreciative to Pat for these great baseball rules. We don’t know about you, but some of these are news to our ears!

Pat O'Conner President and CEO of Minor League Baseball
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